Access the industries most comprehensive criminal database using our secure, online research tools. Ideal for all background agencies regardless of volume.
Fully automated integration of your database systems and our secure, intelligent ordering system. Fully eliminates data entry and automates your research department. Ideal for background agencies with standardized screening practices, looking to increase their volume per researcher ratio.
Full integration of your database systems and our secure, online research tools. Reduces time, cost and erroneous searches. Ideal for high volume background agencies who are looking to increase their volume per researcher ratio, but require more flexible research tools.

Better Tools...More Results.

RapidCourt.Com provides access to a variety of public records from our constantly expanding network of U.S. government jurisdictions as well as unique industry-specific data and custom client-specific product suites.

You will receive fast, convenient and affordable access to records and research giving you more control over the information that you gather. Our products include the most comprehensive coverage of criminal and sex offender records available in the marketplace. All of our products are offered with high availability up to 24 hours per day and use state of the art instant search capabilities.

Services that save you time

  • Pay One Low Flat Rate Per Search
  • No Extra Charge To View Case Details
  • No Monthly Access Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Instant Results


RapidCourt.Com offers unique integration tools designed to streamline our clients operations and reduce the cost-per-search ratio. Our integration platform offers multiple connectivity options to our products utilizing custom systems that are secure, fast and offer high availability. Please contact us for more information.

Instant Search Products
State and County Criminal
Comprehensive Criminal
National Sex Offender
Security Watch List
Address History Trace
SSN Validation