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Can You See What's In Your Database?

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RapidCourt offers access to our proprietary criminal database with over 400 million records regularly updated from 2,600+ public agencies! Our instant data solution represents about 50% of the U.S. courts. So how do you know what you are really getting from your database provider?

At RapidCourt, we actually tell you! We provide you with a dynamic source list that has important details for each jurisdiction including:

In addition, our multi-jurisdictional database, which we call our Comprehensive Criminal Search (CCS), offers:

We Don't Count By Twos. Or Threes.

Does your provider claim to have more records than anyone else? How are the records being counted? Because that's an important question. Does the record/case count include every charge within each case, or is it a combination of all unique cases? Records can appear in multiple sources—is the same case being counted twice? At RapidCourt, we only count the number of unique cases in our database, and we have over 400 million of those.

You'll Like What You See.

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